Grisanti proposes statewide pet abuse registry

Apr 24, 2012

Dog lovers gathered at The Barkyard dog park on Buffalo's west side Tuesday to lend their support to State Senator Mark Grisanti's bill to create a central animal abuse registry

With The Barkyard dog park on Buffalo's west side as the setting, State Senator Mark Grisanti told more than a dozen chilly supporters Tuesday that he is introducing a bill in Albany to establish an animal abuse central registry. 

Persons over 18 convicted of abusing an animal would be required to register annually and would be prohibited
from adopting, owning, or purchasing a pet while the annual registration requirement is in effect.

"Shelters and pet stores will be required to check the registry when selling an animal," Grisanti said, joined by Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita and Erie County SPCA Director Barbara Carr.

The Republican lawmaker said any individual who would hurt an animal should be punished severely.  An animal abuse registry, Grisanti said, will ensure they are not able to own more possible victims of their future violence. 

"I want to see animals have a good home [and] be treated with the care and the love that they deserve. People who abuse animals do not deserve to have pets, quite frankly, and they must be held accountable for their actions," Grisanti said.