Group continues its push for the New York Health Act

Aug 8, 2019

While nearly two dozen Democratic presidential candidates fight over national health insurance policy, a small group met Wednesday night in the West Seneca Community Center to talk about the New York Health Act. The proposal would bring single-payer health care to every New Yorker.

A small crowd at the West Seneca Community Center last heard more about the New York Health Act.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO

The legislation is sponsored by a major player in Albany, Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried. Essentially, it's single-payer health care, with private health insurance going away.

Supporters are holding low-key local meetings, like Wednesday night's thinly-attended event. They say it will save money by getting rid of the multi-billion dollar administrative costs of private coverage.

"You just pull out your New York Health card, you get treatment and you never see a bill," volunteer Kevin Ketchum explained.

"That's the kind of change we're talking about. It will be a significant change but for the better."

Many of those in attendance worry about their current coverage.

"There is something fundamentally wrong and fundamentally flawed about the way things are going right now, because I feel like they are going toward two systems," said Debby Holman.

"In one, if you've got tons of money and everything, then it's okay. You're going to get the very best care. If you don't have tons of money, then it's very different."