Grucza pleads guilty to federal gun charges

Apr 8, 2014

A day after he admitted killing a Toys 'R Us manager in Hamburg last June, Bernard Grucza was back in court Tuesday, this time before a federal judge.  He entered a guilty plea to a federal gun charge.

Bernard Grucza
Credit WBFO File Photo

Grucza also admitted that he burglarized merchandise from three Toys 'R Us stores in Pennsylvania, selling more than $200,000 worth on eBay.  Ironically, he was employed to prevent such crimes in his role of loss control officer.

ATF Group Supervisor Frank Christiano says Grucza went online to illegally purchase a gun.

"Grucza stands convicted today of a federal firearms violation," Christiano said.  "We learned he utilized the Internet to obtain firearms from out of state sources.  This is a trend we're seeing more frequently."

Grucza faces a sentence of 25 years on the state manslaughter charge.  He serve an 18 month sentence on the federal charges concurrently with his state sentence.