Halloween 2015: Adult costume fun

Oct 31, 2015

It is Halloween 2015 and celebrations are underway this weekend.  Many adults enjoy dressing up for some Halloween fun.  WBFO’s Eileen Buckley spoke with some hair stylists at  the Cia Bella Hair Studio on Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore. 

Staff at Cia Bella Studio in Kenmore host an 80's theme for Halloween 2015!
Credit WBFO News photo provided by Bryana Desalvo

With 80's music playing in the back drop, hair stylists wore costumes to match an 80’s theme.

There were Madonna look-a-likes, a Mohawk hairdo and plenty of 80’s big hair!  

Christina Campanella-Falzone is owner of Cia Bello. WBFO asked why adults like to dress up for Halloween?  

“The fun, the joy – where you can just be anything you want for a day. You can pick something. It’s fun,” said Campanella-Falzone.

Andrea,  also a hairstylist at Cia Bella. said it was  her idea for the 80's theme.  She appeared to be dressed as Madonna. 

“I didn’t really have a person in mind, but I just love the 80’s, so I just put all the 80’s stuff together,” stated Andrea.  “I love the 80’s – I want to go back to the 80’s.”

Andrea enjoys the freedom the costume provides on Halloween from the routine of adult-life. 

“It’s a day to be silly, too not be you, too not have responsibilities, too enjoy being anything other than a responsible adult,” said Andrea.

Campanella-Falzone, also a a mother of four young children, said her kids love it when she dresses up for Halloween.

"They thought I was a riot this morning – it was ‘cool mom’, ‘fun’ ‘you look so awesome’,” said Campanelloa-Falzone. 

As hair stylists, each was very creative with their hair. Campanelloa-Falzone created an 80's Mohawk to go with her Goth costume.

“A lot of the girls did the typical Madonna’s – the bright colors, the fluorescent colors. I did the Goth aspect of it – I did the Goth makeup, the blacks – the studs," said Campanella-Falzone.

Cia Bella hair stylists, Andrea, Dante & Christina have fun for Halloween in their 80's costumes.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Hair stylist Dante participated in the 80's theme, a bit reluctant, but admitted it was fun.

“First of all we had to, my boss made me. And, you know, it’s fun,  You get to be somebody you’re not,” said Dante. 

“So who are you,” asked Buckley.  “I don’t even know.  I’m just am an 80’s rock star,” responded Dante.  “You kind of look between David Bowie and a Bon Jovi,” said Buckley.  “Oh my God, thank you!,” responded Dante.

How are her clients reacting to the Halloween themed 80's day?

“They’re loving it. They’re all laughing and smiling. They wish they would have dressed up,” responded Andrea.