Halloween masks not considered safe against virus

Oct 31, 2020

The pandemic is changing how we approach many things, and authorities are offering suggestions for celebrating Halloween tonight.

Many people will be donning make-up and costumes for trips through the neighborhood or for gathering with friends. Dr. Tarvinder Gilotra is an infectious disease specialist at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, and he has a warning about costume masks.

"The Halloween mask should never be considered as a substitute for the cloth mask. They are not safe to the same degree as the cloth masks are. If they have to wear, we recommend they should wear a multi-layered cloth mask, probably with the Halloween theme on it, and Halloween masks should not be a substitute for that."

Dr. Gilotra is also urging people to stay at home and to celebrate the holiday indoors with small groups. He mentioned that even the brief interaction that trick or treaters will have at each home as they collect candy can be enough to transmit the disease.