As he exits NPR, recalling David Greene's visit to WBFO

Dec 29, 2020

After nearly a decade as one of the hosts of "Morning Edition," David Greene is leaving NPR. Throughout his last show Tuesday, his co-hosts hailed his friendship while highlighting some of the stories he shared with listeners over the years. His departure also prompted recollection of his 2015 visit to Buffalo for an NPR event and the time he spent chatting with WBFO.

David Greene is departing NPR and his role as one of the hosts of "Morning Edition."

Greene and his colleagues came to Buffalo for "Family Matters," an NPR event that focused on financial literacy. Their presence combined with a large crowd of WBFO listeners to make for a memorable evening.

Prior to his visit, Greene sat down for an interview with WBFO to promote the event. The conversation discussed the event, but it also veered off into one of his great loves: the sports teams, notably the Pirates, from his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Greene's graciousness made for a memorable, comfortable conversation. It's a presence that has been on display throughout his years at NPR, as he interviewed hundreds of newsmakers and celebrities.

"We hear from listeners, and I'm sure you hear from your listeners, one thing they love about public radio is that it is a very intimate environment," Greene said during that 2015 conversation with WBFO. "When they are hearing stories about personal lives, they really feel like they are brought inside and get to know the people in those stories and the voices."

Listen to Greene's last "Morning Edition" and the 7-minute sendoff from his co-hosts, recorded Dec. 29.