Heavy county road work expected this summer

Jun 11, 2012

Local drivers may be dodging more road projects than usual this year.

People who live around here are used to snow-plowing season and construction season.

After the winter we had, there are fewer nightmares about snow-plowing and road work started earlier than usual.

County Public Works Commissioner John Loffredo is familiar with all of the issues, since he's on his third stint in the job under various county executives.

By borrowing against bonds to be sold in the fall, he says there will be a lot of elemental road work this year, around 200 miles of  oil-and-stone road patches against the usual 100 miles.

"We have about a two-to-three week start over last year, " Loffredo said.  

"What we're doing is preparing some roads...for stone and oiling. We're filling patches, low areas and so forth."

The big construction project is the continuing re-building of Eden-Evans Center Road, which will likely carry a multi-million dollar price tag.