Heavy lake ice will keep boom in place

Apr 2, 2019

There's just too much ice out in Lake Erie for the Niagara River ice boom to be removed. The boom is typically removed on April 1 if there is less than 250 square miles of ice on the lake. Last check observed nearly 700 square miles of ice on Lake Erie.

Removing the ice boom will need to wait until more ice melts on Lake Erie.
Credit NYPA

While the boom belongs to Ontario Power Generation and the New York Power Authority, the removal decision is made by the International Niagara Working Committee. Keith Koralewski serves as alternate chair.

"With that much ice, If they were to try to remove it, there's number of concerns including safety," Koralewski said.

There have been several incidents this winter of water alone damaging property along the river when high winds raised the river water level.

The committee, Koralewski says, monitor conditions daily.

They want to make sure "it's also safe that if any ice that is remaining releases into the Niagara River and that goes over the falls into the Maid of the Mist pool does not cause any safety issues."