Herbert qualifies for Democratic council primary

Jul 30, 2015

Samuel Herbert is on the ballot in the Democratic primary for the Fillmore District Council seat held by David Franczyk.

Fellow candidate Joseph Mascia challenged the validity of Herbert's petitions. But after reviewing the signatures, the commissioners on the Erie County Board of Elections determined that Herbert exceeded the threshold.

Erie County Republican Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr (left) and Democratic Elections Commissioner Leonard Lenihan review signatures on petitions submitted by Samuel Herbert.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Even though he is sharing the ballot with Franczyk and Mascia, Herbert says it's a two-man race. 

"I won't mention that individual's name. But I will say this -- that individual is persona non grata in the African-American community, especially in the Fillmore District," Herbert said. 

Herbert was referring to Mascia, who was caught on video using the "n-word" while talking about Buffalo's African-American leaders, including Mayor Byron Brown and Council President Darius Pridgen.

Despite the backlash, Mascia insists he is staying in the race.