Higgins, Gillibrand speak on Syria

Oct 3, 2015

Congressman Brian Higgins was in Buffalo yesterday talking about developments in the Middle East.

Higgins recently traveled to that region, visiting Turkey and areas near the Syrian border. He said that now with Russia involved militarily, the situation becomes that much more complicated for leaders here at home.

Congressman Brian Higgins
Credit WBFO News file photo / WBFO News

"There are no good options for the United States. We don't want another Iraq. We don't want another Afghanistan, and I think that we need to nation build right here at home. We will watch it very closely, and hopefully, we can get some stability there so that that region of the world can grow and not pose a threat to everybody else around it."

Higgins emphasized the needs for religious freedom and minority rights in order to bring some peace and stability to that region. He was joined at the press conference by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.