Higgins urges caution in re-opening schools

Jul 11, 2020

The re-opening of schools in September is garnering increased attention, and Congressman Brian Higgins weighed in on the issue yesterday.

He applauded New York State for successfully reducing the number of COVID 19 cases and setting an example on the benefits of a cautious approach. He said this should also apply to determining when to re-open schools.

Congressman Brian Higgins
Credit WBFO file photo / WBFO News

"I think our governor has done a very, very good job in establishing a protcol as it relates to the opening. I know people are frustrated, but if you're not ready, you're not ready, and the last thing we want is to open too early and then experience, in this community, another spike in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths."

Higgins stated that public health professionals and school officials should determine the right time for schools to open again.

He also weighed in on the federal response to the crisis calling it "deplorable," as the nation's death toll exceeds 130,000, cases across the country are spiking and Americans are banned from traveling to 28 countries.