Highway departments get ahead of flooding

Mar 4, 2015

Credit File Photo / WBFO News

With temperatures expected to rise into the mid-30s this weekend, and into the 40s next week, highway departments across Western New York are getting ahead of possible flooding from melting snow.

Town of Tonawanda Highway Superintendent, Bill Swanson, says crews are out clearing roads from curb to curb, wherever they can. He says the town is fortunate to have a street snow-blower, but not every street is reachable.

“But the streets that we can’t get to right now, we do have crews out with backhoes trying to clean the storm drains. But it’s only in the areas where we usually have some issues which is near Ellicott Creek,” Swanson said.

Swanson says any possible flooding poses no danger to residents or buildings. He says there shouldn’t be any issues in the streets as long as all the drains are opened.