Holding Center employee tests positive for COVID-19

Mar 21, 2020

An Erie County Holding Center line officer has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Erie County Holding Center has one employee that tested positive for COVID-19.
Credit WBFO News

As a result, several inmates have been placed in isolation in a special housing unit, and 14 other employees have been quarantined to their homes according to Correctional Health Chief, Doctor Kevin McGee.

“Duration of time in quarantine will based off the level of exposure, and is also based on our interaction with the Department of Health and epidemiology to get a better idea on the level of exposure they may have had,” said Dr. McGee. “Correctional Health will continue to monitor those employees daily as part of our overall occupational health program, and will advise them when they are clear to return to work based off our assessment, and again, the Department of Health.”  

A total of ten inmates have been placed in quarantine within the holding center as a precaution.

“There were two inmates housed in that area where that employee was working,” said Jail Management Superintendent Thomas Diina. “Both have been moved to an area where they are being monitored by correctional health.”

The other inmates being isolated were placed there after they self-reported possible exposure to holding center medical staff.

Dr. McGee said that none of the inmates are currently experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms.