I Bird NY challenge is on

Jun 18, 2018

Looking for a challenge this summer? The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has one for adults and youngsters.

Credit New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

State environmental officials are launching two birding challenges for 2018, which has been dubbed the year of the bird.

The DEC is hosting a beginners birding challenge that is open to anyone 16 years of age and younger. It is an effort to get kids outside.

Also being introduced is a new birding challenge for adults. Birders must find at least 10 of 50 listed bird species found across the state.

That should not be difficult since New York is home to more than 450 different bird species and has 59 bird conservation areas.

All participants in the challenge will receive a special certificate and bracelet, and will be entered into a drawing for a spotting scope. All entries must be received by Sept. 30.