Interested in government service, but don't want to run for office?

Jan 13, 2020

Niagara Falls needs volunteers for government. The city has an array of boards, commissions and agencies looking for citizen volunteers to make to make decisions.

There is a new mayor and new Council in the Cataract City. Council membes want to fill the boards to make sure they function.

Council Chairman Chris Voccio cites the Zoning Board of Appeals, which had a long-running vacancy that interfered with operations as an example of what can happen. Voccio said the need is urgent.

"We've got a multitude of boards. They're all important, but some are more critical than others and some are more urgent than others, in that we've had a couple of boards that didn't have a quorum because they don't have enough members and, obviously, our priority is to fill those first," he said.

Voccio said residents who are interested in a position are asked to mail letters of intent and resumes to him at City Hall. He wants a large pool of candidates to draw from to fill the various boards.

"It would be great to have a real diverse pool of candidates," said Voccio. "To be frank, we want the best folks we can find on these boards and whatever political party or what they look like is, obviously, secondary. Our primary goal is to find people who can make a difference on these boards, make a difference on these commissions, to make Niagara Falls a better place."