Invention Convention showcases critical thinking skills

May 1, 2016

Young students from school districts across Western New York displayed their innovative thinking skills Sunday at an event called  the "Invention Convention" at the downtown library.

A participant from a previous year's Invention Convention
Credit Photo courtesy of Invention Convention

A double-sided toothbrush to make brushing easier. A magic cup that changes color to tell you if your drink is hot or cold. A mosquito chair that will protect you from pests. These were just three of the 100 inventions on display created by students.

Invention Convention Director Merry Constantino said students were asked to come up with a concept in one of nine categories.

"We have a strong ecology category where students are recognizing the need to protect our environment," Constantino said.

The goal, she said, was getting more students interested in STEM subjects.

"Science, technology, engineering and math -- which has emerged in recent years as being an area the United States is falling behind."

At the end of it all, Constantino said she hopes students will be able to apply the critical thinking skills they learned here to all aspects of their lives.