JAG veteran running for Erie County DA

Jun 6, 2016

A retired Air Force colonel who helped prosecute Saddam Hussein has joined the growing list of candidates looking to become Erie County's next district attorney. 

Joe Treanor spent 28 years in the Air Force, where he served as a Judge Advocate General. His decorations include a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. The Cheektowaga resident has the support of the county's Republican committee.

Joe Treanor is the latest candidate to announce a run for Erie County District Attorney.

"I'll be a prosecutor, not a politician. We will run an office of professionals that ensure that justice is served, not based on party poltics, favors, or patronage," Treanor says in a video announcement released Monday.

Treanor says his campaign will be self-funded and free of conflicts of interest. He says his campaign will be funded using personal assets.

"In this election, I will not engage in fundraising and will not solicit donations, nor will my campaign accept donations, if offered," Treanor says.

Treanor, a resident of Cheektowaga and a law school graduate of the University of Notre Dame, is a registered Conservative. He joins five other declared candidates in the race to succeed Frank Sedita III, who left the post last year to become a State Supreme Court justice.