Jamestown plans for revitalization

May 31, 2017

Albany is putting another $10 million into Jamestown's Downtown Revitalization Initiative. The plan encompasses 10 projects chosen through the Regional Economic Development Council system.

The historic Reg Lenna Center is one of the centerpieces of an ambitious development plan in Jamestown.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul came to a site which is getting some of that money to announce the grant, the Reg Lenna Center. Mayor Sam Teresi says it's on top of $220 million which has gone into development in the city's core. Teresi sees an evolving business outlook arriving to his city.

"Just like the Buffalo Niagara Region, it's more of an advanced manufacturing. Our economy is diversifying," Teresi said. 

"We're seeing more in the way of 'meds and eds' investment. We're seeing more in the way of capitalizing on our natural tourism."

Teresi says this will provide jobs for people of all different skill levels and get others on the jobs ladder.

Part of that diversification accounts for the National Comedy Center which is on the way for Jamestown. The attraction emerged from the successful Lucille Ball Comedy Festival which has brought attention and visitors to the city.

"I wouldn't want to build an economy based solely on tourism jobs but on the other hand, I wouldn't want to try to build and base a diverse economy without a robust tourism sector to it," Teresi said.