Jane Corwin announces retirement from state Assembly

Jul 13, 2016

In a surprise announcement, 144th District Assemblymember Jane Corwin said Tuesday she will not be running for another term.

Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

The Clarence Republican says she believes instituting term limits "will go a long way in ending the corruption and dysfunction in Albany" and she is leading by example by retiring at the end of her fourth term in the Assembly.

Nick Langworthy, Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, says he foresaw a long career for Corwin.

"We were very surprised to hear of the retirement of Jane Corwin, who I really thought would probably be serving for quite a while longer," he said. "She was doing an incredible job as the floor leader of the Assembly Republican Conference and I projected, myself, that she would very likely be the next Minority Leader."

Langworthy admits it is "very difficult to have legislative victories" as the Minority Leader, although Corwin did not directly state that as part of her reason for retiring. He says the process is now starting to designate a new Republican candidate for the office. There is still a few days left to nominate a successor, as the national Republican Party convention approaches.

Langworthy says Corwin's district is two-thirds Niagara County and one-third Erie County, which will come into play when naming a candidate.