Jim Kelly: Bills stadium should stay in Orchard Park

Jun 28, 2019

Due to field renovations at New Era Field, Jim Kelley’s 32 Annual Football Camp is being held at Williamsville North High School this week. There has been a lot of discussion on where and when a new stadium for the Bills would be built. Jim Kelly said he doesn’t think a new stadium needs to be built, but if they do, they should stay in Orchard Park.

Jim Kelly at his 32nd annual football camp
Credit Nick Lippa / WBFO

"I said why don't the just decide (when) the time is right move it across the street where ECC is. So what you do is you build the stadium there. You take some parking away. But when that stadium is done and you rip down New Era Stadium, then you make that the parking lot. Just move across the street. Not downtown. Not to Niagara Falls. Surely not to Toronto," Kelly said with a smile.

Kelly said he is bias because he lives in Orchard Park, but thinks the fans love its current location. He added team’s owners, the Pegula’s, are great at listening and will do what’s best for the Bills moving forward. 

"I live in Orchard Park. I don't have to travel 25 minutes to a half-hour away," he laughed. "Terry and Kim Pegula will do what's best. I know they will. I'm sure that they always have good ears to listen and they'll do whatever they think is the best thing for the Buffalo Bills."

Earlier this year, the Buffalo Bills released a survey to fans asking them where they would want the team to play its home games. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has said in the past with renovations being made recently to New Era Field, an immediate decision to build a new stadium is unlikely.