Judge rules candidate off school board ballot

May 2, 2014

A former Buffalo firefighter has lost his court challenge to appear on next week's Buffalo School Board election ballot. 

Bryron McIntyre will not be on the ballot.  State Supreme Court Judge Timothy Drury heard arguments Thursday. MycIntrye filed a court challenged after the Erie County Board of Elections removed him finding issues with his nominating petitions.

Byron McIntyre.

McIntrye's petitions included names of deceased citizens.

But McIntrye denied he committed the fraud, blaming political operatives who offered to collect signatures for him.

"In no way would I allow or participate in any type of fraudlent activity for petitions or anything," said McIntrye. "I myself personally collected up to 1,600 signatures, and I had maybe 400 to 500 miscellaneous signatures that folks had given me.  That's just -- it's bad blood and it's Buffalo politics."

But judge Drury confirmed he will have McIntyre's name removed.

The Board of Elections also knocked knocked off the ballot by board of election for insufficient petitions was Daniel Reynolds. But Reynolds did not file a court challenge.  

13-candidates will now appear on the ballot for three-at-large seats. The city school board election will be held Tuesday, May 6th for city of Buffalo voters.