July 4th parade canceled due to high lake level

Jul 3, 2019

Susan Albright has lived on Edgemere Drive in Greece for decades and there's always been a neighborhood Fourth of July parade.

"Our son is 35, and when he was a toddler, we had him in a float. Behind our car in the parade," she said.

But this year, there will be no parade.

The Grand View Beach Association, which Albright leads, canceled the event.

No kids on bicycles with red, white and blue ribbons, no makeshift floats pulled behind golf carts and no picnic afterward in Goodwin Park because Lake Ontario's water level is too high.

"We realized that one section of our street would still be flooded, that we have water in the street, debris, algae," Albright said. "The storm drains have the grates removed, so large loud pumps or generators are going."

This isn’t the first time they’ve canceled this holiday tradition because of Lake Ontario’s high water levels. They were forced to do the same in 2017.

Albright said some of her neighbors may still join the festivities put on by the rest of the town, but this isn’t just about parades for her.

"People’s yards are in water," she said. "A couple of houses are in the water. People’s garages are in the water. So, the parade is important to us, but our homes and our properties are significantly more important, and that’s the message that we really want to be shared."