Kaleida reviews two plans for Gates Circle complex

Jun 21, 2012

Two very different proposals for the future of the Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital site were presented Wednesday night, one a mix of boutique hotel, apartments and retail, while the other proposes a new veterinary medicine school.

The hospital is now closed, leaving behind a century of building space and a parking ramp which is the only part of the facility still in use.

The finalists in a long process to find potential developers presented their plans to a packed house in the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Uniland Development wants to knock it all down and replace the complex with a $107 million mix of uses, somewhat similar to what the company did when it turned the old Dulski Federal Office Building into the Avant Downtown.

Chason Affinity wants to save much of what is there for the vet school, potentially saving tens of millions of dollars.

Ted Walsh is a former Kaleida Health board chairman and head of the committee analyzing the two proposals.

"We've got to figure out, are both of these things, do we have a degree of confidence when we turn the keys over, that they'll actually be able to do it?"   

Walsh says the final decision on who gets those keys will be made by the Kaleida board.