Kearns continues campaign against abandoned properties

Oct 16, 2015

There are at least 800 "zombie" houses in Erie County. Those are homes wandering in the foreclosure process, often unoccupied, often not maintained and often with property taxes not being paid.

Assemblyman Michael Kearns shared a report on local Zombie properties with the Erie County Legislature.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns has been pushing legislation to do something about the properties, with most of his efforts stymied in Albany.

County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo says it's a problem in his West Seneca town.

"The banks they pay the property taxes and they don't keep up the houses and they sit there and ruin the neighborhoods. We need to figure out a way to end this issue," Lorigo said.

A report from Kearns' office says there are 91 zombies in West Seneca, $300,000 behind in taxes.

Kearns is now involved in a shaming campaign, installing signs in front of zombies naming the bank which isn't being a good neighbor by maintaining the home while stalling the foreclosure which would make it available for sale to a new owner.