Kearns raises issues over granting mayoral control of Buffalo schools

May 25, 2015

Assemblymember Michael Kearns says he's skeptical of putting the Buffalo Public Schools under mayoral control.

"These people who were elected to represent the people were electrd by the people of the City of Buffalo," said Kearns, referring to the current Buffalo school board.

"I'm not saying Mayor Brown doesn't have good intentions and that he's not trying to the best he can," Kearns said.

According to Kearns, in New York City mayoral control has led to higher costs and teacher layoffs.

"One thing they learned in New York City is: no-bid contracts. We don't need people who are looking to make money in education. We want people involved involved in education who want to help our kids."

He says mayoral control has not improved test scores in Chicago or Cleveland.

He also doesn't want the legislation rushed through the Albany process without public input.