Kennedy supports adding two Metro riders to NFTA board

May 19, 2019

Legislation is making its way through Albany that would require the NFTA Board of Commissioners to add two users of Metro Bus and Rail as voting members.

State Senator Tim Kennedy
Credit WBFO News File Photo

State Senator Tim Kennedy, who chairs the Transportation Committee, said a bill to do that has already passed the Senate and is awaiting approval in the Assembly. Kennedy says it's only right that users have a formal say in the operation of public transportation.

"When the system is failing, it is failing riders," Kennedy said. "Those riders deserve a vote on that board, so ultimately their voices are heard."

Right now, there is a Metro user who is a non-voting member of the NFTA board.

The group Buffalo Transit Riders United argues most commissioners don't ride the bus and are detached from some of the problems daily riders experience.