Kojak taking a bite out of crime in Alden schools

Oct 15, 2018

The Erie County Sheriff's Department has added a new therapy K-9 to the force.

Kojak is a two-year-old Native American Indian dog who recently completed training in Florida, funded by the Sheriff's 21st Century Foundation.

He won't be sucking on lollipups...er, lollipops. Kojak and partner Deputy Ashley Piel will help take a bite out of crime in the Alden School District.

“Our first K9 teamed was well received and when Deputy Piel approached us about training a second K9 and pairing it with the (School Resource Officer) unit, I thought it was a tremendous idea," said Sheriff Tim Howard. "Not only can Kojak help in a traumatic situation, but he can help eliminate any anxiety of a student speaking to the SRO about a personal matter.”

This team joins the Sheriffs’ first therapy K-9 dog, Loki, in helping bring comfort to students.

Credit Erie County Sheriff's Department