Landscape rehab set for Darwin Martin House

Apr 24, 2015

When Frank Lloyd Wright designed the landmark Darwin D. Martin House in North Buffalo, he also designed the surrounding landscaping to maximize the effect of the combined building and vegetation. Most of it is gone, but not all.

Plans are in place to return Frank Llloyd Wright's original landscape design to the Darwin Martin House.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The Martin House Restoration Corporation has hired Bayer Landscaping to plan rehabbing the trees, bushes and flowers.

"The landscape, among all those integrated design elements, is one of the most comprehensive designs of its type and it will give us at the Martin House another wonderful aspect of the overall tour program and educational program to interpret and to teach people about," said Executive Director Mary Roberts Thursday.

Roberts says the entire project still needs around $1 million, $300,000 for the landscaping restoration. If the money is raised the landscaping will start next year.

She says some plants from a century ago are still around the Martin House and will go back into the ground and one giant tree remains on the property.