At-large city school board member & president not seeking reelection

Mar 6, 2019

All nine Buffalo School Board seats are up for election this May. But as WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley tells us, current board president Barbara Seals Nevergold is not seeking reelection to her at-large seat. 

Moving On

"I am not seeking another term on the school board. I've severed seven and a half years and so I think, at this point, I'd like to step back,” remarked Seals Nevergold. 

Seals Nevergold tells WBFO she will miss her work in the city school district, but is feeling confident the district is in much better shape than it was when she started with many failing schools. She praises the leadership of Superintendent Kriner Cash for helping to turnaround the district. 

Barbara Seals Nevergold talks about not seeking reelection and posses for a photo inside Early Childhood Center School #82.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

“We’re now on a positive trajectory, which is really great, and so I will miss seeing the continuance of that. I’ve certainly look forward and hope they are going to continue in that path,” responded Seals Nevergold.

District Leadership

Seals Nevergold said Superintendent Cash still has one more year on his contract and has voiced interest in an extension.  But the school board president said she believes the new school board should decide his future.

“And I know he said that he is interested in staying another three years. I hope he does. I don’t think personally for myself and I know that for some of the other board members who have decided not to run, that it should be this board who extends the contract. I think that it is something that the new board will have to do, and they’ll have a year to really get to work with Dr. Cash,” explained Seals Nevergold.

Battles & Accomplishments

“What would you say your biggest battle was?” asked Buckley. “Ha, ha – well must definitely Mr. Paladino because he – I think he exemplifies everything that the people who are opposed to public education want to see happen to public education and his plan was really quite detrimental to the school district,” Seals Nevergold replied.

“What would you say is your biggest accomplishment, as you step out after May?” Buckley questioned. “Oh my gosh – it’s hard to say – again, I think trying to bring some stability to the district. I think that without that we couldn’t accomplish very much, so I think that the genius of the new Education Bargain, which I credit Dr. Cash with coming up with a strategic plan and adhering to that,” responded Seals Nevergold.

Seals Nevergold insists she's not retiring. But she wants to spend more time on her work as co-founder of the Uncrowned Queens Institute, along with writing and researching history of African-Americans in the Buffalo community.

Also not seeking reelection, East District board member Theresa Harris-Tigg and at-large member Patricia Pierce, but five other city school board members are seeking reelection. All candidates must file their petition signatures by early April. The school board election is set for May 7th.