Lease negotiations won't lead to new stadium for Bills

Aug 13, 2012

Little information has been made available to the public during the quiet lease negotiations between the Buffalo Bills and Erie County, but it's clear that a new stadium is not in the immediate future.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz says there are really three reasons for keeping the team where it is: the county can't afford a billion dollars for a new facility, the Bills aren't asking for one and, there is no room downtown.

While he isn't releasing details of the lease renewal talks, the county executive says there are things which can be talked about, like the $200 million renovation cost in the push to keep the Bills in Orchard Park.

A new stadium would cost five times that and there is no site Downtown. Building essentially the same facility in the city would require demolition of ten city blocks.

"It just isn't economically feasible to build a new stadium," Poloncarz said.

"There is not the infrastructure in place to do it here in downtown Buffalo, or especially on the waterfront. The Bills aren't interested in a new stadium. We have a stadium that is in very, very good shape."

Poloncarz says experts for the county and the team say the "bones" of the stadium are still good after nearly four decades.