Legislator's 'Mimosa Resolution' calls for changing state's Sunday blue law

Dec 4, 2015

If you’ve ever tried to purchase alcohol before noon on a Sunday, you know that it’s forbidden by state law. One Erie County lawmaker is starting a local push to get that law changed. 

Patrick Burke, who represents the county’s 7th District, says the so-called “blue law” is harmful to local businesses. He says the current state law is a remnant of the prohibition era and similar laws have been repealed in many other parts of the country.

Credit Wikimedia Commons/vxla

"It's a prohibition-era, arbitrary regulation that doesn't have any actual positive impact. It could have some negative impacts on the economy," Burke told WBFO.

Burke has introduced what he calls a “Mimosa Resolution.” It calls for making Sunday alcohol sales the same as any other day of the week. Burke says the name of the resolution is inspired by a recent social gathering involving his wife.

"Her and her friends were having brunch and they were going to have mimosas but it was before 12 p.m. and they weren't allowed to do it. We, as a society, need to stop treating adults like children. If a functional member of society wants to have a mimosa for brunch on a Sunday, they should be allowed to do that," Burke said.

Mimosas are popular brunch cocktail composed of champagne and a fruit juice, usually orange.

Burke says many other states have repealed similarly antiquated laws. He says the current statute has a negative economic impact on businesses like hotels, restaurants, and even salons that sell drinks like mimosas as part of their spa packages.

Burke says the resolution has the support of fellow lawmakers. The Legislature is expected to discuss it at an upcoming committee meeting.