Legislature calls for legalization of Mixed Martial Arts

Apr 17, 2015

Erie county legislators want Mixed Martial Arts legalized in New York, the last state not to completely allow the matches.

Legislators who are asking the State Legislature to allow MMA say there would be gains in taxes and economic activity and better regulation requiring medical personnel. Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams says there should have been more discussion.

"There's reasons why this is the last state that has stepped up to the plate to legalize it," Miller-Williams said at a Thursday legislature meeting.

"I would like to know what are the promises that will be put forth, what exactly will happen to change the notion of mixed martial arts from the perception that I and others have that it is something that I will not be supportive of."

The issue has been on the table in Albany where it has passed the Senate for years only to stall in the Assembly. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he would sign a legalization bill if it ever came to him.