Lessons learned from the November storm

Dec 30, 2014

Though the cleanup of the November storm went relatively well, there was ample room for improvement. On Monday night at the Tosh Collins Center in south Buffalo, block club leaders and government officials shared notes on the storm and how to be better prepared for future emergencies. 

Elected officials gathered with block club leaders Monday night at Tosh Collins Center in South Buffalo.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Many people lost pay because many businesses were closed. Because there is a federal disaster designation, they will get some of that back.

City crews and private contractors hauled away 11,000 dump truck loads of snow, 20 cubic yards each.

The travel ban helped. First responders need some designation on their driver's licenses so they can go do their jobs and not be turned away at roadblocks.

Those are some of the lessons of the 'Snovember" storm.

Sen. Tim Kennedy said the pay will help.

"Because the federal government has declared this a federal disaster, automatically you are eligible if you missed work for reimbursed wages. So through the Department of Labor, we're going to be making sure that individuals that lost out on compensation at work are reimbursed those wages. That's a very positive thing for our community," Kennedy said.

It wasn't just people who worked in the snow-buried neighborhoods. Work on the HarborCenter stopped for three days because many skilled trades just couldn't get there to work, many from South Buffalo and other buried areas.