Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, Thruway Authority says

Nov 17, 2017

Winter is around the corner and the New York State Thruway Authority has announced its readiness for the season.

Acting Executive Director Matthew Driscoll said additional snowplows have been added to the Thruway's vehicle fleet, including three tow plows, which are capable of plowing two lanes at once.

Credit New York State Thruway Authority

New technologies are also being added, including enhanced GPS on snow plows to better monitor the vehicle's performance, as well as air and pavement temperatures.

"Why? Well, air and pavement temperatures are very important, not only in how we do the plowing, but in terms of salt and other additives that we'll use to treat the road conditions," Driscoll said. "So that's very important. It also tells us how much salt is being spread."

Driscoll also said plenty of salt is available this season.

"We have 41 salt sheds across the state of New York. They're all fully stocked," he said. "Nineteen of those are right here in this division, with over 30,000 tons, including a brand new salt shed at the Lackawanna toll barrier, as well. We've done some really site-specific and strategic things at that particular location to be better prepared for this winter."

The Thruway's Buffalo Division now has 79 big plows to handle winter highway conditions.

New York State also is hiring and looking to expand its fleet of drivers. Anyone with a valid CDL license can contact the Thruway Authority.