Lewiston man accused of kidnapping, torturing woman

Sep 30, 2014

A Lewiston man faces a laundry list of charges connected with the alleged kidnapping and abuse of a Niagara County woman.

Iver Phallen, 67, is being charged with first-degree kidnapping, aggravated sexual abuse, coercion, obstruction of airway, assault, unlawful imprisonment and menacing. The charges follow his arrest on Saturday after police were called by the victim who said Phallen kept her in his Carriage Lane Home against her will. 

According to police, the 24-year-old woman was an employee of the Colonie Lounge, a North Buffalo cigar bar and strip club. She and Phallen had a prearranged meeting on Thursday and she went with him to his home willingly. 

Police say what began as consensual became violent and sadomasochistic. The kidnapped woman said she remembered most of the ordeal, but that her memory became hazy at some point prior to waking up in her car on Friday. 

The Buffalo News reports Phallen is an executive at Amherst-based Niagara Dispensing Technologies and is affiliated with a company called PD Micro Language Partners.

Authorities believe there may be additional victims. They urge anyone who may have been victimized to contact the Lewiston Police at 745-8477 or State Police at 434-5589.

Phallen, who is married, will be in court on October 7.