Libertarian candidate calls for reform in drug laws, incarceration

Sep 17, 2018

Larry Sharpe claims he never refers to notes during interviews. That assertion was among the many the Libertarian Party candidate shared during an interview with WBFO this morning. The ex-Marine says notes aren't needed when a candidate answers questions truthfully. Sharpe ripped off many answers during a brief conversation.

Larry Sharpe is carrying the Libertarian Party message during his campaign for Governor of New York State.

"One of the biggest problems we have with mass incarceration is the War of Drugs. A lot of that stems from we will not in any way, shape or form, truly legalize hemp and cannabis," said Sharpe, adding the position has been long held by the Libertarian Party. 

Sharpe believes marijuana should be treated like "onions," a viable crop for any New York farmer. He maintains such an approach would be a windfall for New York. 

He adds the state "can't regulate it and tax it like there's no tomorrow. We've done it already with medical marijuana. No one is using it. What's happening? It's still black market."

Why should voters support his candidacy over Republican Marc Molinaro?

"If you're a  Republican supporter, your party hasn't been here for you in decades," Sharpe said.

"I support the Second Amendment. I support lower taxes and I support the idea of supporting smaller businesses."

In reviewing last week's Primary elections, Sharpe says Cynthia Nixon was "unfairly" pushed out. He noted her stance on mass incarceration and how it has sparked debate on the issue.

"So guess what? I'm here for you. If you're a Nixon supporter and you would like actual criminal justice reform, I'm all about that."