Local brewers and farmers forge business alliances

Sep 28, 2015

Buffalo Beer Week is underway, but most local residents wouldn't have needed a special event to spot the growing popularity of  craft beers that are produced by local breweries. What some beer lovers might not know is that the trend is helping to generate business in non-brewing arenas.

A new movement aims to drum up business for local farmers. The campaign is called F2P or “Farm to Pint” and it's empowering farmers and brewers team up for a major economic opportunity.

Farmer Ted Hawley.
Credit Ted Hawley's Facebook page

“Local ingredients are being used in local beer. F2P is local breweries supporting local farming, local malters and the consumers are getting an all-local beer,” Batavia barley farmer Ted Hawley told WBFO.

These beers also contain local hops, yeast, and malts produced by farmers from the Buffalo region.

Hawley says sponsors of the movement are hoping it will snowball into an even broader effort.

“We hope to even see it outside of Western New York, but the Buffalo Niagara Brewing Association has started this movement and I think it’s going to be something really great.”

Buffalo Beer Week began Friday and will continue through Oct. 4.