Local college's Homeland Security major nearly tripled enrollment

Feb 20, 2012

A new program at Medaille College is becoming a popular major at the school.   About six months ago the school launched a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security. 

The director of the program says it  is attracting the attention of students.

"We almost tripled enrollment from single digits up into the high double digits.  The program is appearing to be very popular," said Steven MacMartin is a clinical assistant professor and director of the Homeland Security program at Medaille. 

The program has been designed to serve as a training ground for those interested in working in emergency management, corporate security or facilities management.   The program is especially popular with those from the military and law enforcement.

MacMartin said it appears military and law enforcement would be where many of the jobs could  be found, but there is a much deeper field.

"When you think about Homeland Security, I think the first thing most people think about is either military or the federal government.  The jobs are out there, but even in the government jobs, or in the military there is more than law enforcement," said MacMartin.   "The skills they learn here and will be able to apply here will serve them as analysts,  intelligent people and people who work on data."

MacMartin said some agencies & businesses within the public and private sectors are looking for those with experience in strategic planning and analyze for disaster or emergency preparedness.   As the U-S plans to withdrawal from the War in Iraq, MacMartin doesn't believe there will be any wholesale changes to Homeland Security.

"I think Homeland Security will continue to operate as it does.  Intelligence will still be ramped to the level it is.  Homeland Security is more than dealing with a war, it's dealing with the threat of terrorism," said MacMartin.

MacMartin spent 31-years as an investigator for Homeland Security and U-S Customs and Border Protection, now retired, he brings his expertise to the classroom.