Local Democrats open their wallets for Clinton

Nov 11, 2015

Nearly 300 people turned out Tuesday night for a fund-raiser for Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign in the Hyatt Regency Downtown. County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner says the event raised around $350,000.

Hillary Clinton received a warm welcome as she arrived at the Hyatt Regency Tuesday night.

Enthusiasm was rampant at the event.

"The Clintons have done a great job in the political arena," said supporter Greg Daniels.

"I think that when you consider the field, both Democrats and Republicans alike, I just happen to believe that Hillary is the best candidate out there right now. It's a matter of the best candidate and she is the best that I see."

Some of those arriving at the event say they go back to her first Senate campaign while others support her because of her stands on women's issues and others say they want a Democrat in the White House in 2017.