Local hospitals prepared for COVID surge

Nov 14, 2020

COVID-19 numbers are rapidly increasing across the country and how here at home in Erie County.

The spike in cases in the spring caught many medical facilities shorthanded with personal protective equipment, ventilators and available hospital beds. Dr. Mike Mineo, chief medical officer at Millard Suburban and DeGraff Hospitals, says that experience has led to better preparations as cases rise now.

Credit WBFO file photo / WBFO

"We built dashboards so that, an any moment, we know how many ventilators we have in the system. We built dashboards to track how much personal protective equipment we have, making sure we have more than ninety days on hand, and so far, we've been able to meet all of those requirements. And so, from a preparations standpoint, we feel confident that we're ready to care for the community."

He mentioned that the virus will spread more quickly as people move indoors with the colder weather, and that gatherings with family and friends are a signficant concern.

Mineo believes that the restrictions on restaurants and gyms are effective, but it is also important to limit visitors in your homes.