Local officials preparing for busy elections year

Jan 19, 2016

For those involved in politics, this is a very busy year, not just because this is a presidential election year, but also because there is a presidential primary vote April 19.

Democratic Party Chair Jeremy Zellner, left, and Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy, right, agree that the elections calendar is unnecessarily busy in 2016.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

There are also congressional and state legislative primaries. That's four elections this year, four times when campaign workers are needed and four times when there will be a quest for campaign donations.

"I would have been for holding the presidential primary the same day as the federal primary. I think that would have made sense," said Republican Erie County Chairman Nick Langworthy.

"It would have gotten more people out to vote for the federal primaries as well. But ultimately Albany makes those decisions and getting the Senate and the Assembly and the governor to agree on something, as we know, is very, very difficult."

Langworthy says this year's Republican presidential primary may well be important. In many past presidential years, the nomination was decided before the candidates came to New York.

Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner agrees with his GOP counterpart.

"The problem is not only just for convenience facts but this has got to be costing the taxpayers a lot of money to be having several different primaries," Zellner said. 

"It would be something if we can all get on the same page and have one primary for everything."

Democratic campaign workers are out on the streets right now getting signatures for the presidential primary while Republicans let everyone on the ballot automatically.