Local residents march in Washington; join in protest at home

Jan 21, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators participated in the Women's March in Washington Saturday that brought together all genders, ages and races. 

Credit From Wendy Diina's Facebook page

Organizers said  "rhetoric of the last election cycle" has threatened many. 

Many Western New Yorkers participated in the event.  Wendy Diina said she attended with her 13-year-old daughter so they could witness how many are feeling under the new Trump Administration.

"My daughter said she wants to take this back to Buffalo. She wants to see how she can truly make a difference in volunteering her time and donating her baby-sitting money to Planned Parenthood," Diina told WBFO.

Diina says she considered the march a demonstration and not necessarily a protest against President Trump. 

Marchers were expected from 50 states and 32 countries.  

Demonstrators march down Delaware Avenue to Niagara Square.
Credit Brian Meyer WBFO

In downtown Buffalo, thousands turned out for a march and rally Saturday to protest the Trump administration. Demonstrators marched down Delaware Avenue from Tupper Street to Niagara Square where a rally followed.

Organizers say they do not support the kind of violence that was seen in Washington Friday. They say activists want to send a message against hate while pushing for human rights, climate justice and religious freedom.