Local voters -- what's on their mind?

Nov 6, 2012

Voter turnout was fairly strong Tuesday morning at several polling locations across the area. 

In Clarence - resident Linda Carpenter told WBFO News given the poor economy - she found herself paying more attention than ever to the candidates in all races.

Carpenter said she hopes her vote "makes things better for everybody."  

"I was retired and I couldn't stay retired. I would like to go back to being retired," said Carpenter.

Outside a polling place in the City of Buffalo - Lisa said she's quote "sticking with change" and she hopes President Obama wins..

"Another four years  I think he could turn it around and make it better than what it is.  I don't think four years was enough.  He did make some changes, but I think he could make some more," said Lisa, Buffalo voter. 

Joe - a Clarence resident told WBFO News he came out "to vote against President Obama."

Just look at the way the economy is right now. I don't like the things that he has been doing. We gave him a chance.   Now it is time for a different change, that's all," said Joe, a Clarence voter.

In the City of Buffalo - Stacey Willis had a different take on why he voted for change.   

"Actually, the problem is Bush did too much.  You know you can't cover a bullet wound with a Band-Aid over night," said Willis a Buffalo voter.

Polls close at 9 p.m. in New York State.  Listen for complete Election 2012 results form NPR and WBFO Tuesday evening starting at 8 p.m.