Locally-shot 'The American Side' to premiere in Buffalo

Apr 13, 2016

A movie filmed all in the Buffalo Niagara Falls area is set to premiere at the North Park Theater next Friday, April 22.  WBFO's Eileen Buckley met with the director and star of the murder mystery.

Actor Matthew Broderick was one of the many stars in The American Side.  The story involves a mystery surrounding Nikola Tesla. All the scenes were filmed in our area and you will recognize many of the sites  including the mighty Niagara Falls and Cave of the Winds.

Buffalo native & actor Greg Stuhr is co-writer & co-producer and Jenna Ricker, co-writer & director of The American Side. Stuhr plays the lead role of Charlie Paczynski.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

The movie features feature Buffalo native Greg Stuhr, co-writer/co-producer, who plays the lead role of Charlie Paczynski. We met with Stuhr and co-writer and director Jenna Ricker in our studio to discuss the film.  

"Charlie Paczynski is -- we like to refer to him as a 'low rent' private detective," noted Stuhr. "He stumbles into a conspiracy to control a design by Nikola Tesla, who is a fascinating character himself.  There's no Tesla character in the film, but Tesla plays a pivotal role."

"Part of the reason Tesla is such an integral part of the mystery, is that he is tied to the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. He electrified Buffalo using the power of Niagara Falls. It seemed like an obvious choice to create conspiracy around his work." said Ricker.

The American Side crews shooting at the Bulter Masion in July of 2013.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

The entire film was shot in locations throughout the region.  The Bulter Mansion, Buffalo Club, Kleinhans Music Hall, Stalter, Niagara Falls and the Lockport Locks, just to name of few locations.

"We were the first and only film to be allowed access to shoot at the Buffalo Club," explained Ricker. "I say this all the time, it's Hollywood best back lot. I just wish Hollywood would catch on soon."

Ricker said she was 'surprised' and 'awe struck' at the Buffalo area locations. "I was entirely inspired, how can we tell a story here?."