Lockport judge resigns after allegations of vulgarity, posting racially offensive material

Sep 26, 2018

The resignation of the Town of Lockport Court Judge Leonard Tilney is expected to take effect on Sept. 30.

Tilney issued his resignation back in August, after the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct investigated allegations of misconduct. According to court documents, he was accused of making culturally offensive comments to a defendant; yelled at his co-judge using vulgarity; and posted racially offensive material in the courthouse.

"We're willing to accept the results of this investigation," said Town Supervisor Mark Crocker. "Mr. Tilney was willing to accept it and he decided, at this time in his career, it was time to resign and move on.”

Tilney has been in office since 2004. His current four year term expires Dec. 13 2019. Looking forward, the town board has to appoint a new justice to serve the remainder of Tilney’s term.  Afterwards, an election will take place.