Macnore released after 24 hours in custody

Nov 30, 2014

Macnore Cameron being arrested by police in Ferguson, MO.
Credit Morgan Dunbar, Cameron's fiancé / WBFO News

Rochester-resident Macnore Cameron was released early Sunday morning after 24 hours in custody with the Saint Louis County police department.

Macnore was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace after he and his fiancé, Morgan Dunbar, took part in a protest, crowding the street outside the Ferguson Police Department. Dunbar says police charged the crowd and took Cameron down…

“Two National Guardsmen pinning him down, one riot officer - I believe he was later identified as a state trooper - but they were all on his back. He wasn’t resisting. It was just brute force. I believe that they targeted him specifically because he was, at that point, recording everything. He has a video of everything,” Dunbar said.

Macnore Cameron taking part in a protest at a Saint Louis area mall on Black Friday.
Credit Morgan Dunbar, Cameron's fiancé / WBFO News

Cameron says he suffered bruises all over his body from the excessive force used. Despite the rough treatment, he says he’s ready to fight back again, saying, “It’s not about me being brutalized, it’s about a whole people, everyone.” The charges against Cameron were dropped. The two say they will continue to stay and take action in the Saint Louis area.