MANMADE EARTH returns to where it started

Nov 29, 2019

It may defy description, but MANMADE EARTH is connecting with audiences. Created by New York City-based 600 Highwaymen, the production debuted in Buffalo a year ago as part of a larger festival hosted by Torn Space Theater. With eight young actors from Buffalo in tow, MANMADE EARTH has been on the move, including performances in front of sold-out audiences at Brooklyn's Invisible Dog Art Center. This weekend the show will conclude its local two-week run at 612 Fillmore Avenue.

Eight local actors, several of whom attend Lafayette High School, are impressing audiences with their work in MANMADE EARTH.
Credit Maria Baranova

"I know it sounds a little silly, but the show is really about people in a room, together, and how we deal with the basic fact that, we're together here, we're in this space, we're going to have to care for each other," said 600 Highwaymen's Michael Silverstone who co-created MANMADE EARTH with Abigail Browde.

"I think that the performance asks a lot of the audience. But I think the audience goes there and experiences deep feelings," Silverstone said.

"We have young people in the show and I think that does something to audience members. It makes us feel certain things."

Many of the young actors are students at Lafayette High School. The students are from Congo, Egypt, Malaysia, Somalia, Syria, Tanzania and the United States.