March against police brutality comes to Cazenovia Park

Aug 8, 2020

A march to end police brutality in Western New York will take place today at Cazenovia Park.

Credit Darien Chandler

The South Buffalo March for Change is being hosted by the Western New York Liberation Collective. Darien Chandler is a leader of the Collective, and he contends that Black Lives Matter everywhere and that issues of police misconduct are not limited to urban locales. This is what makes bringing their message to South Buffalo so important.

Credit WBFO file photo / WBFO News

"It's all a part of this transition that we're going through as a country. It's enlightening every nook and cranny of this country. And we have to go to these suburban and, soon to be, rural areas because black history is American history. Black people are Americans. This is an American problem."

 The march will begin at 3 PM, and it is expected to draw as many as 100 people.

Chandler encourages everyone who wishes to support their Collective's efforts or who wish to learn more about the issues to attend. A series of speakers will follow the march.