Margin between Kennedy and Grant stands at 91 votes

Sep 14, 2012

The race for the 63rd State Senate seat is even tighter than first thought. Incumbent Tim Kennedy now holds a 91-vote lead over challenger Betty Jean Grant. The two Democrats faced off in Thursday's primary.

The Buffalo News reports the new vote total was based on data from memory sticks from each voting machine that were examined by the Board of Elections Friday afternoon. Kennedy was initially ahead by 271 votes before the new numbers came in. There are still more than 1,000 absentee votes to be counted.

Even before this latest tightening, Grant was already calling for a recount.

"From where we were when we started this race to where we are right now, it's almost impossible," Grant said. "It's still not over with."Kennedy clearly benefited from a major turnout in South Buffalo for a South District primary fight.

"My opponent was very good and got her message out," Kennedy said as the results were counted. "We fought very hard to make sure our message got out there."

Grant says she benefited from her reputation as a loyal Democrat when there were questions about Kennedy, who allied previously with former Republican County Executive Chris Collins.

Kennedy says he expects his victory to hold up.  The counting of the absentee ballots will begin next Friday.