Maritime program prepares for Canalside

Aug 12, 2019

There are two major construction projects in the works for Canalside. One harkens back to the birth of the Erie Canal and the other to the boat-building industry which turned Western New York's forests into the boats on the canal.

Students will construct a replica of canal packet boat starting next year at Canalside.
Credit Buffalo Maritime Center

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation has started the more than $4 million construction of the Longshed at the Central Wharf. When finished next summer, the Buffalo Maritime Center will move in and students will build a canal packet boat.

"A lot of these kids don't even know that they are interested in it," Executive Director Brian Trzeciak said of the Center's boat-building program."So, they get the opportunity. We like to think we provide that opportunity, saying you might love this."

This year, Trzeciak says around 100 kids will go through the program in the current home in Black Rock.

"We're looking for them to develop a certain amount of self-sufficiency and a craftsman-like attitude about the work they're doing here," said Trzeciak. "What we know is that if they can build a boat, they can build anything."

Once the students finish building the Seneca Chief, it will be floating at Canalside and used in celebrating the Erie Canal.